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Medicaid, Medical or Private Pay

FCTA Drivers not only transport clients to various places in the four county area, they also deliver them to various medical centers in the region and beyond

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Medicaid Recipients 

All Medicaid Recipients must contact AACS/GRITS Transportation, the Region 1 Medicaid Transportation Broker, to inquire about free medical transportation. Please call toll free: 844-575-9676.

Veterans Transportion

Veterans medical transportation is .41 per mile for medical trips outside of Region 1. One escort will travel for free for medical appointments only.


Medical or Private Pay

Please contact FCTA for details on Medical/Private Pay Pricing.

Ride along: $15 per trip/person

Private Pay Trips: $1.75 per mile/per trip

Trips outside Region 1: $400

Ride Along for Outside Region 1: $50

JU Kevil Rate

​$5 per trip route only.  If they do not ride the route, it is full price.

All clients traveling to/from a medical appointment may have one free escort to ride along.

Charter Trips

These trips are $75 per hour with a two hour minimum.  Plus, one hour fee added for vehicle pre-trip and vehicle fueling time. 

Cost for nonprofits will be half-price on charter trips.


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FCTA buses are not only available for travel to and from places in Region 1, but they are available for charter trips as well.

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